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A.D Pradeep Kumar | calendar 18 February 2024 | 75

AD Pradeep Kumar has written a number of articles on a wide range of subjects like Yoga, arts, martial arts, health , alternative therapies, meditation and personality transfromation. He has also written a column on Yoga and health in The Financial Express.

A philosopher in his own right, Pradeep Kumar has written extensively about how to lead a better life with the aid of ancient Indian philosophy.His ideas are for the first time codified into a single comprehensive work in “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insights”.

Pradeep Kumar is a journalist by profession.

From Sept 1983 to May 2004, he was working as the Assistant Editor with the Indian Express Group. From April 2005 to December 2005 , he was working as the Assistant Editor of Fortune India magazine.From December 2005 to December 2008 , he was working as the Associate Editor of the magazine “Minerals & Metals Review”. In January 2009 , he was promoted as the Senior Associate Editor of MMR. Currently he is working as the Features Editor of Chronicle Pharmabiz, Mumbai


Email : adpradeep@hotmail.com, adpradeepk@gmail.com, adpradeepk@yahoo.co.in
Mobile : +919869020719